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President - Laurie Cadden Enterprises

Laurie Cadden is not afraid of a little hard work. Owner of Laurie Cadden Enterprises and a real estate agent at ERA Real Estate in Scranton, she definitely gets to do her share.

Cadden began her career with the banking industry when she was only 19. She earned her realtor's license in 1988 while living in Philadelphia. After returning to the area in 1991, she became involved in the community through volunteering and working on different committees and boards, which she enjoys immensely.

At Laurie Cadden Enterprises, she is responsible for securing sponsorships, working with media partners, planning and organizing special events, and finding and meeting with potential sponsors. At ERA Real Estate, she works with buyers and sellers of commercial and residential properties.

The most influential person in her life has been her father, Jim Cadden. "He told me to be a leader, never a follower, and to do whatever I want", she said. Also, she has had great role models in her grandmothers and mother, all of whom showed her that women can be strong without losing their femininity.

Another great mentor has been George Pann for instilling in her the wisdom in not obsessing about who's behind you, who's beside you or who's in front of you, but in staying focused on where you are going. John Martines has also been a great role model, demonstrating the importance of civic responsibility and giving back to the community. Cadden also names Tara Finnerty, a friend who helped her understand the importance of self-acceptance.

She advises up-and-coming business women to "learn how to flirt with women as well as men", she said with a laugh. She also firmly believes in the advice: "What you think of me is none of my business".

Cadden is the proud mother of two "wonderful" sons, Thomas J.Foley, IV, and Sean Cadden Foley. She is also engaged to a "terrific" man, Myer Moskovitz. She loves traveling, reading, Broadway plays, volunteering, and shopping.

Laurie Cadden